Broadway The Gourmet Theatre In HSR Layout Promises Plenty Of Drama

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There is a new kind of theatre in HSR Layout. From dramatic teppanyaki to volcanic rock-seared scallops, Broadway — The Gourmet Theatre has plenty of theatrics up its sleeve.

Chow Down

Stoned Scallops, Tori Niku Teppan, Ebi Teppan

Sip On

Broadway is still waiting for their liquor license. And therefore, so are we!

Winning For

The teppanyaki section definitely, plus interesting South East Asian cuisine.

Lowdown On The Ambience

The restaurant is located on the fourth floor of a building and offers comfortable seating. There’s also an al fresco section in the form of a big balcony. Plus, a separate section for teppanyaki. Steps will lead you to the rooftop, which has also been set up with long picnic tables and a wall full of green potted plants for larger groups and parties. We’d say seat yourself in the balcony especially if you are heading here for dinner, because the night view of the cityscape is pretty nice with twinkling lights.

What's On The Menu?

Head straight to the teppanyaki section and after your order, watch Chef Shiva pull some neat tricks with his knives and ladles, while he grills everything from prawn to pork and chicken to fish, tossing everything up with sauces and spices. We tried the Ebi {Prawn} slathered with a silky butter garlic sauce and Tori Niko — chunks of grilled chicken tossed in teriyaki sauce. The meat and the seafood, were both tender and the sauces added the necessary punch. We couldn’t stop eating them.

We found the pork {Buta Niko} version a bit tough, but the chef explained the meat is kept a bit tough to get a bite. The spicy tuna Maguro was standard sushi. But we loved these little parcels of philo pastry filled with guacamole, salsa, onions, olives and a squirt of fresh cream. Broadway also has a selection of dramatic soups, salad carts and hot pots. The Stoned Scallops — scallops cooked on a volcanic stone {Korea inspired} was grilled for just a minute and then served garnished with panko crumbs, fried garlic and pungent mustard micro greens. This would have to be our favourite dish of the lot.

Main Act

Our mains comprised The Hatodha Murgh, an entire spring chicken marinated in desi spices, covered in banana leaves and baked in a clay mould. The whole roast is then broken very theatrically at your table with a hammer. The chicken inside though soft, was underwhelming and could have done with a bit of heat and some lime, definitely. We had no much complaints of The Dark Chocolate Volcano, gooey dark chocolate cake with a molten fruity lava.

So, We're Thinking...

The only restaurant of its kind in HSR layout, go here for the drama, teppanyaki section and a big menu dedicated to unusual South East Asian cuisine.


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