Tiramisu, Popcorn Or Cheese Cake: This New Cafe On Cunningham Road Serves 22 Types Of Brownies

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Remember when we introduced you to Brownie Heaven in Indiranagar, well now say hello to 22 types of brownies at Cunningham Road! 

What Makes It Awesome

With a typical Europe cafe vibes with cool blue walls, green potted plants, and massive picture windows, the Brownie Heaven is a nice slice of dessert paradise. It smells sweet and sugary adding to the atmosphere (what, haven’t Hollywood films taught you anything about aromas!), so maybe you can try it out for your first date. But if you don’t have a bae in sight, fear not. Dessert, the eternal bae, is available in abundance here. 

Pick from a whopping 22 types of brownies, including the classic, and honestly, our favourite. We can also vouch for the tiramisu brownie which has a nice hit of coffee without compromising on the chocolate. The Snicker and Ferrero Rocher options are not our favourite because we prefer the bars as they are, but the brownie cheesecake is interesting. Not exactly like either of the desserts it draws inspiration,it’s like a cake-meets-brownie-meets-cream. The Red Velvet Brownie is a favourite for some on the team as it’s light, cuts the chocolate flavour a bit and of course, anything Red Velvet is in vogue anyhow. Experimental folks opt for the Brownie Banoffee and Brownie Black Forest. We’re picking the Brownie Popcorn the next time! 


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