Oatmeal Cookies To Nutella Granola: This Bakery's Snacks Are Yum!

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What Makes It Awesome

Mumbai-based Brownsalt Bakery is for anyone who loves the idea of oatmeal cookies, granola, and a little bit of guilt-free snacking. For the granola lovers, they have a range to pick from and have it with milk, yoghurt, or like our co-founder Dhruv Mathur, who has granola straight from the bag. Even though granola is supposedly a breakfast snack, Brownsalt's flavours such as Nutella & Hazelnut and Dates & Jaggery make it a great option for snacking on in between work or to even make homemade granola bars. Just add some peanut butter to the Nutella & Hazelnut granola and boom, you've got a snack to munch on.  

Of course, since they have cookies too, that's another thing you can happily snack on. Their Signature Oatmeal Cookies are what you need to be getting. You get eight crunchy cookies that you can pop 'em during those long meetings or when you are engrossed in a really interesting book. The other flavour you can get on LBB is the Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. Just go ahead and add one, or 15 to cart. 


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