Bubble Football: The Sport Is More Laughing Than Football And We Love It

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Bump, tackle, and laugh your way on to the pitch at The Bull Ring, as you’re covered in a Zorb ball and are made to play 3, 4, or 5-a-side football!

What Is It?

Remember football? Now, remember Zorbing? Great. Now put them together and you get bubble football. An extremely fun and hilarious way of shedding some calories without it actually feeling like you’re shedding any calories. This one is super entertaining… even from the sidelines. One of the first places in the city to offer this amusing sport, The Bull Ring in Indiranagar is where you should head to. While the space functions as a mini footy pitch most of the time, call in advance to block it for Bubble Football.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who’s looking to have fun in a slightly offbeat way. And while it’s great for families with children, it is actually even more fun{ny} when adults suit up in massive bubble zorbs and {try} play football. It’s great for team outings too. It is a bit expensive at INR 6,000 for three-a-side. But then again, INR 1,00o for some hooting fun isn’t too bad.

How Was Your Experience?

The experience was wonderful; the staff is extremely helpful and the ground is well-maintained. And since you’re covered in a “bubble”, you won’t really hurt yourself while playing but your stomach will surely be in knots by the end of it, from laughing. I would recommend going in a large group because it’s always a lot more fun that way. Also, it works out a lot less expensive.


They have ample parking around the area and their washrooms are clean as well. They also have first-aid facilities in case of an injury.


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