Best Budget Bars In The City That Won’t Take A Toll On Your Wallet


    Skint? And in need of the sauce? We’ve got you covered – Bangalore’s teeming with nightspots that offer you a comfortable night out with little damage to your wallet. Here is a list of our favourite budget and affordable bars in Bangalore.



    Ujwal Restaurant & Bar

    Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

    They try to brand themselves, bashfully, as a “family restaurant”, but the unpretentiousness and the polite prices make us categorize this as a dive bar all the way through. There’s some excellent Mangalorean fare (crab masala, neer dosas) and alcohol at rock-bottom prices to make the visit worth your while. Try their Coconut Prawns, Coconut Chicken both served in a coconut and the ultimate comfort food, Dal Kichdi while you are at Ujwal. Here’s what you must pair with your drinkies when at Ujwal. 

    Just BLR

    Just BLR

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Amidst the hustle bustle of the streets, head to Just BLR on Brigade Road and grab a drink or two while you are tired of shopping and recuperating. With budget-friendly prices of INR 110 for a glass of beer, Just BLR is a bar that everyone who is broke or just looking to save some cash would go to. With good music and affordable booze, it is a perfect bar to head to when broke-ish in Bangalore. We highly recommend their cocktails that are as whacky as their names, with prices that don't hit the roof. 



    Koramangala, Bangalore

    This one’s a bit of a legend – and, therefore, a landmark – in the Koramangala area; if you’re ever lost, just ask for directions from Sathya’s onwards, even though it’s a bit hidden away. Sathya’s has been around for a good while now, weathering the onslaught of new lounges and microbreweries in its own steady way. It’s a good pick for an after-work booze session when it’s the end of the month and that cheque hasn’t come in yet.


    Johnny Fox

    Johnny Fox

    Adugodi, Bangalore

    Johnny Fox is the place you go when you are on a budget and just want to have a drink to ease out the long day at college or work. With super affordable prices and decent food, it is a go-to place for most students from Christ (since it is located close to Christ University) and anyone else with the month end woes. Make sure you're over 18 years of age though!


    Scottish Pub

    Scottish Pub

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Scottish Pub keeps things short and simple: there’s beer and house “bulk” wine for the taking with prices going upto only INR 130. Here, at last, is cheap wine that you can swill without worrying about tannins and terroir. Oh! and their pineapple chunks served with Amul cheese strung on toothpicks is our favourite bar snack here. 

     Pro Tip: If you have a thing for wines at a budget, try these Indian wines that are under INR 2,000.

    White Horse Resto-Bar

    White Horse

    Malleswaram, Bangalore

    The owners have branched out into more upmarket pursuits – their sister concern 1522 now has outlets in Koramangala and Rajajinagar – but White Horse carries an enduring charm all its own. That’s because, evidently, they have an expansive beer and spirits list and a stream of North Bangalore regulars who swear by the place. But that said, this is more on the list because it is a proper dive bar, prices unfortunately are not as dive as they once were! 

    Chin Lung

    Chin Lung Restro Bar

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Chin Lung is a famous name in the Bangalore bar scene. Everybody is part of that WhatsApp group called Chin Lung, for sure. If not, make the group. One of the most popular dive bars in the city, it went through a grand transformation and is now not so dive as you’d hope. But when you’ve got your crew with you, it’s just as good. Why? Because prices are still old school! Come on, you can get a peg of Old Monk for INR 50 and mug of beer for INR 90. What more do you need? Well, except for Masala Peanuts and fries, of course.

    Pro Tip: Want to set a scene at home with your best Buds (Mags - geddit?) ? Make some Awesome cocktails with these Alcohol mixers available on LBB. 

    Avon Restaurant

    A true Koramangala homie will swear by this place that’s shady, dingy, and got an “atmosphere” unlike any other. On a good day, the place is bright enough for you to see who’s sitting at the next table. Probably your workmate from another floor! It’s happy hours here always — from morning to night, so relax, sip your favourite drink at MRP. Pair your drink with some greasy but yummy starters like the Deep Fried Pepper Chicken or Baby Corn Chilly, you’ve got yourself a ‘scene da‘. We're certain, this is arguably the cheapest bar in the city. Hungry after all that downing ? Belt their Lemon Chicken that is a relief to your gut and to your senses after a slosh-fest.

    Pro Tip: If you want to fill up on some good food before the boozing begins, hit these restaurants in Koramangala before you dissolve into the charms Avon has to offer.  

    Ginger Green Bar & Restaurant

    Ginger Greens

    Kalyan nagar, Bangalore

    We are really clueless as to why a dive bar should have murals of Tom & Jerry. But hey, as long as they keep serving us Old Monk & Coke, we are pretty much okay even if they have Teletubbies on the walls. Folks in Kalyan Nagar swear by this place with its plastic tables and chair. And how it’s a rite of passage. Chilli Chicken, Butter Chicken, and Chicken Kebabs at this place come highly recommended.

    Viceroy's Sarathi

    Viceroy's Sarathi

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    Another bar that’s “family friendly”. But we are thinking the family they are catering to are the fams and the squads who don’t have the greens for Toit or resto-bars on Indiranagar’s 12th Main. The ambience is very much like a family restaurant but once the drinks are on the table, feel free to squabble and cheer your team during live screenings. Also, the food is spicy, so you have been warned.

    Davis Bar

    We hear the folks of Kamnahattan always put a scene here during broke times and when they just want some ‘family restaurant and bar’ ambience. Order the masala pappads, your rum, and a side of egg burji and you have got yourself a scene. For a dive bar, the service is quirk prompt. So, make sure you tip your waiter once you are done for the night (or day). 

    Konians Bar And Restaurant

    Konians is a must visit for those of you in need of cheap alcohol and decent appetizers. Now that they have undergone a refurbishment, the ambience is more palatable and the ample sunlight, open views of Koramangala make this place a cool place to hangout. Their fries and paneer chilly here are the perfect accompaniments to your quarter of IB. 

    Bob's Bar

    Bob's Bar

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    You knew we would end with a bang, right ? Bob's Bar has taken the city's bar scene by storm and is known for its vast range of affordable alcohol and local delicacies. Brimming with Namma Bengaluru vibes, this one's an ode to all that Bangalore has to offer. Here's one place that has a good crowd and is also not shady for the prices the place has to offer. Try a local Amrut Amalgam Single Malt and pair it with a sundal or their OG chicken kabab for a good sesh.  

    Pro Tip

    If you intend on keeping this a home affair, you could opt to pick up alcohol from these famous liquor stores in Bangalore.