Halter Neck To Backless: This Comm Street Store Stocks On All Kinds Of Blouses Starting At INR 300

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We have long established the fact that, Commercial Street is a gift that keeps giving. Case and point is Gopuram Silks & Sarees store on Mudaliar Street.

What Makes It Awesome

Armed with a budget of INR 700, I happened to discover this place with a friend who desperately needed a ready-made blouse for an upcoming wedding function, but was also on a budget so Gopuram Silks & Sarees it was. Now, the shop is small mind you, with racks on three sides filled with everything from sarees to dress material. But it’s the extensive collection of blouses that caught our eye. Ranging from the simple solid coloured ones to bling-heavy, we spent a good half hour browsing through the collection. We spotted these cool sleeveless options that feature prints such as paisley and ethnic prints. Some of them even feature heavy sequin work that are blindingly blingy. In terms of design, we spotted halter necks, high collars, sheer necks, embroidered, backless, spaghetti, and strapless options. See, plenty of options for the occasion that demands a certain type of blouse.

During the weekends, the store packs a crowd, while weekdays you can relax and inspect the entire collection. Their sizes start at 26 and they can do quick alterations and adjustment then and there, should you need any. They also stock up on sarees that they call as work sarees (nothing too OTT, just regular plain ones) as well as silk sarees.  The non-padded blouses start at INR 300 while padded ones start at INR 400 — both the prices extremely pocket-friendly since there’s a lot that you can find in that price category. The work sarees start from as low as INR 600 while your silk sarees start at INR 800. Now, even though they do say it’s silk saree, we really can’t vouch for the authenticity.


If you are clueless about Mudaliar Street, it’s the one next to Ibrahami Sahib Street. They are on Google Maps, so that should sort you out.

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