Stir Fry To Noodles: When It Comes To Budget Chinese, Koramangala Is King

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Chinese food is soul comforting and let's face it, there are days when you want to slurp on some Hot & Sour Chicken Soup or eat your way through chopsuey, greasy starters, and dumplings! These are those days when nothing other than greasy, Indian Chinese will do. And for those days, we have just the list for you — a bunch of budget-friendly Chinese restaurants from the bottomless food pit that is Koramangala.  


With around seven outlets across the city, this no-frills place is a go-to option when you have Chinese on your mind. Start off with the thick Manchow soup before you proceed to tuck into their Hunan Chicken and Butter Garlic Noodles. If that doesn’t fill you up, there’s always wontons or flavourful starters to load upon. Looking for a quick meal? Go for their Dragon Chopsuey which comes with a choice of soft or crispy noodles. Lazy folks, you can even have quick home delivery from them.

Noodle Panda

Right from the entrance to its panda-themed interiors, Noodle Panda hits all the right spots with it's self-service model and a menu filled with crowd favourites. Start with Grilled Teriyaki Bao and Sui Mai Dim Sums before ordering custom noodle boxes. This what they specialise in -- you can order a regular or large Noodle Box and go crazy with combinations. But if you are giving the noodles a skip, then you are going to want to eat copious amounts of curry, as the rice comes shaped like a panda. No kidding! Finish off with the gooey Fudgy Cookie Dough Ice Cream With Oreo. 

Peace Restaurant

One of the many Tibetan places that has Chinese on their menu, Peace makes easy, breeze, greasy winners in the form of braised lamb, Hunan Chicken, and our go-to order Shredded Chicken In Hot Garlic Sauce. It's as greasy, spicy, and basic Chinese as it can get. Pair these with Schezwan Pork Fried Rice and Chicken Pan Fry Noodles, you've got yourself a soul satisfying meal. Hot & Sour and Sweet Corn soup to warm the tummy before any meal comes recommended too!  

Khawa Karpo

Frequented by the college-going crowd in the area (it is opposite Jyoti Nivas College, after all), Khawa Karpo might be known for its Tibetan specials, but they also serve quite a few Chinese dishes that vie for your attention. Apart from the usual suspects like noodles and fried rice, their Manchurians and beef starters are a must-try here. Order yourself some simple Hakka noodles and jazz it up with their ultra-spicy Schezwan Beef Chilly for a wholesome meal. They are open for dine-in from 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm. 

Chung Wah

How's Koramangala's Chinese scene not complete with the OG Chinese-Indian restaurant in town, Chung Wah?  Chung Wah’s menu lists out specials and our favourites like crispy Spring Rolls, Mixed Seafood Soup, Butter Garlic Prawns, Lamb with Black Peppercorn and Cantonese Chowmein. And, while you can happily gorge on as much as you want, you won’t feel the dreaded pinch at all!

Tibetan Mother’s Kitchen

Don’t let this cosy little eatery’s name mislead you. Along with homely Tibetan specials like the Thukpa and Thenthuk, Chinese delights also hold a place here. And, the best part? They serve pork dishes, too! Think Chinese BBQ Pork and Szechwan Pork to go with your choice of rice or noodles. Or try the American Chop Suey which comes with a thick and heavy sauce, complementing the crispy fried noodles. 

Bamey’s Restro Cafe

While keeping it minimal and simple, Bamey’s adds art, posters, and colours to the walls, taking the cheery vibes up a notch. So, we won’t blame you if you end up spending longer (and eating more) than you intended to. Start off with some Crispy Shanghai Spring Rolls or XO Chicken, as you savour the relaxed ambience here. Follow it up with a helping of fried noodles or rice and you’ve got yourself a filling meal. If you can handle insane levels of spice, the kind that will crush your insides, you can try their spicy momo challenge.


For days when you want to whip up a Chindian feast at home, pick from our ready to make soups and selection of noodles! Oh and we've also got a bunch of sauces, we recommend this pack of 5 Asian dressings, dips & sauces. Yum! And because our love Chinese is unending, here's Chinese Manchurian Chips we enjoy as a snack!


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