Get Yourself A Sweet Deal With These Desserts Under INR 100 In Koramangala

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If you are a dessert lover, you probably know by now that your sweet tooth cravings don’t bother checking with your wallet before they come calling. And once they have crept up on you, there’s little chance of getting out without being a few hundreds poorer at least, depending on how strong your craving is and how weak your will is. But, not to worry, we are here to rescue you. We’ve looked high and low in Koramangala to bring you desserts that cost you INR 100 or less. And we don’t mean those run-of-the-mill ice creams and donuts.  

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Chocolat Boulangerie Patisserie


King of VFM, Truffles’ dessert section has a handful of options. Their palm-sized chocolate and lemon tarts have always been favourites. But if you are looking for something more decadent, then, slices of their Tiramisu or the Chocolate Lava Cake should do the trick. If these are still on the high-end for you, just grab a packet of their pink and white marshmallows for less than INR 50.

Price: INR 35 onwards

Kota Kachori

Stop by here and spend a few moments lovingly gazing at all the colourful sweetmeats lined up in the glass cases. The soft Ghevar {they have a malai version as well} should be on top of your list. Come by during the evenings, and you can chomp on hot, hot jalebis.

Price: INR 40 upwards

Chalo Punjab

When broke, stick to Indian. This popular restaurant that dishes out hearty Punjabi fare is the perfect place for a sweet tooth pampering. You can dig into helpings of Rabri, Chawal ki Kheer, Phirni, and Gulab Jamuns without your wallet sweating too much.

Price: INR 60 upwards

Bikaner Sweet Centre

A big hit with Koramangala residents, Bikaner Sweet Centre is highly recommended for its poha offerings. Their sweet offerings don’t disappoint either. Their piping hot jalebis are a must try and so are their gulab jamuns.

Price: INR 30 upwards

Lot Like Crepes

While many of their offerings are well over INR 100, you can snap up basic, sugary crepes within your budget. You can sink your teeth into delicate crepes layered with toffee or chocolate. More decadent versions with Malaysian Kaya and peanut butter and chocolate are also available.

Price: INR 80 upwards

Maria’s Goan Kitchen

It’s all about homely Goan flavours at this compact restaurant and their prices won’t make you feel like you’ve spent on a lavish restaurant meal either. On your budget, you can tuck into slices of the Goan classic, Bebinca, here. There’s also rum balls, chocolate mousse, and cake that will keep you happy.

Price: INR 50 onwards

Cupcake Noggins

Low on money? Well, that’s not a problem at Cupcake Noggins. They have plenty of choice in cupcakes that come under INR 100. Rich Chocolate Hazelnut, Elvis Likes ‘Em {chocolate, banana, and peanut butter cupcakes} and the Luscious Zest with a lemon curd core are all winners here. For more details on Cupcake Noggins, read here.

Price: INR 70 onwards

Chocolat Boulangerie Patisserie

All sorts of sinful indulgence awaits you at this popular pastry shop. Dig your spoon into their Chocolate Fudge Brownies, tarts, and their cupcakes. However, you can’t go away without trying their Truffle Praline Pastry and their silken Chocolate Mousse. And if you want your share you better get there before they fly off the shelf.

Price: INR 70 upwards

The Pied Piper

We have two words for you — homemade brownie! The dessert offerings at this much-loved cafe may not be endless but we have been told that the brownie is simply out of this world. If you’ve got a couple of tenners to spare, you add a scoop of ice cream to your order and sink into bliss.

Price: INR 90 upwards

Koshe Kosha

Ah! You expect a Bengali restaurant to go down the rasgulla and rasmalai route but Koshe Kosha is not interested in offering you what’s easily available. Instead you get scoops of Nolen Gur {palm jaggery} and Dab {tender coconut} ice creams. Both of them are slurp-worthy so don’t skip them.  

Price: INR  95 onwards

Bite Me Cupcakes

The bite-sized treats from this kiosk will fill your heart with glee. We also love that you can pick up from a variety of flavours here. There are the classics — Red Velvet and Chocolate. But if you want to up the decadence quotient, there are also Caramel Centre and Cookie & Cream {a hot pick} versions that are so worth the calories.

Price: INR 45 onwards


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