7 Quirky Things We Found At Comm Street Under 500 That Every Girl Will Love

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We have said this often that Commercial Street is a gift that keeps on giving. Don’t believe us, then check this, this and this out. But what can a girl on a budget find in Commercial Street? Plenty we say. We discovered everything from sparkly Kolhapuris to tassel earrings and whatnot, all under INR 500. And trendy as hell, mind you.

Embellished Kolhapuris At Ritz Shoes

We love our Kolhapuris and we love them in many colours. But we found this absolutely gorgeous one {see photo} of a traditional style but quirked up with sequins and red pom poms. Perfect for dressing up a regular outfit to pair with your ethnic ones. Don’t like this style, then Ritz does plenty of colourful strapped Kolhapuri chappals along with gold, silver and copper-toned ones too. Plus they also do regular mojris (for men and women) and we found some colourful leather mules and sliders too.

Price: INR 340

Sunglasses Opposite Reliance Trendz

Located on the lane just opposite Mysore Silk Udyog and Reliance Trendz, you will find vendors selling the funkiest of sunglasses. Though we cannot vouch for the quality, the glasses follow current trends and you will find everything from wayfarers to those colourful reflective ones, OTT numbers and some vintage styles too. You should probably bargain and will be able to reduce it to INR 200.

Price: INR 250

Tassel Earrings, Fusion Jewellery, Opposite Reliance Trendz

Located at the same spot as the sunglasses dude, you cannot miss rows of tassel earrings which seem to be such a huge trend, at this street stall. While all high street brands are doing versions of the tassel earrings, these ones we found look as good but don’t come with the hefty price tag.

Price: INR 240 (please do bargain freely)

Sneakers At Shoe Stall Opposite Woody's

How cute are these colourful sneakers! They are in the slip-on style, easy to wear and also can work with dresses to regular denims and tops.

Price: INR 280

Crossbody Bags, Stall Opposite Max

This is how fashion looks when it peters down to the streets. While we don’t support copying, it is interesting to see how a signature Chloe design detail (the ring) makes its way to a crossbody sling sold on Commercial Street. The quality is probably nothing to write about, but the bags do look super trendy and you can possibly use them for a couple of months. We also found a really classy and functional tan sling (see photo) too.

Price: INR 300

Floral Necklaces, Stall Opposite Reliance Trendz

We absolutely loved these little glass bulb pendants stuffed with gorgeous flowers (not real). Available in different shapes and sizes, and with different flowers, get these statement necklaces to complete your look.

Price: INR 240

Statement Cuff, Lane Opposite Commercial Street Police Station

Love yourself statement accessories? Then pick from these gold, silver or copper hued cuffs. Priced at just INR 100, we suggest you keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Price: INR 100


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