Yummy Burgers On Your Mind? Check Out The Jingo Burgers!

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What Makes it Awesome?

Jingo burgers is a new pitstop for burgers and fries in Kamanahalli that serves some of the best burgers I've had so far.
The burgers taste great with just the right flavours and spices, the patty is juicy and moist and doesn't feel dry and airy.
The fries are crispy taste extremely good, have the right amount of spice and are a good accompaniment with the burgers and the come adds to this meals flavour. Tried the Smokey bean burger and the vegan crispy burger, both were extremely delicious.
The fries are well cooked with little crunch and softness on the inside and the peri peri just adds to the extraordinary taste of the potatoes fried and salted.

Overall had a good experience with the food ordered and completely recommend this place to fulfil your burger cravings.