The Awesome Burger Seigneur Opens It's Doors On Church Street Now!

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I've always been a fan of burger seigneur's hot chocolate and when I got to know they have opened a new outlet on Church St, I was really excited to visit.

I obviously started with the hot chocolate that had a super-rich consistency and came with a marshmallow rim that was torched - the perfect combination, even better for winters.

Then I moved on to the Dynamite shrimps which are batter fried and tossed in a mild creamy dynamite sauce closely similar to that of mayonnaise, sugar and chili garlic sauce mixed together.

Now, you obviously can't miss their burgers which are loaded and the buns are house-made. I had the Detroit which is a fried minced lamb patty layered between cheddar slices - the perfect amount of seasoning and a great portion.

Do not miss their peri fries alongside.

To end the meal, I had the Esmeralda skillet cookie - the best part is that it's made from almond flour which makes it really unique and definitely unlike no other you'll have ever had.

Not to forget, the hygiene standards being maintained are incredible - sanitization, temperature check are all in place and there's adequately distanced seating at the outlet. The staff is in masks and face shields and you are also given a buzzer which beeps when your food is ready and I really can't wait to get back there


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