Ten-Second Takeaway

What Hogwarts is to witches and wizards, Buttercups is to lingerie. Here’s where all the magic happens. Here’s where your bra fits you like a dream.

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

Sagging assets, not finding the exact size that fits, straps that leave an itching mark on your shoulders, and backs that ride up – well, bra hunting can be a real challenge. And as if that weren’t enough, often we’re not happy with how a certain bra looks under a certain outfit, and we sometimes don’t even know if we’re wearing the right size. Undoubtedly, the Internet has solved a lot of those problems, yet fitting still seems to be an issue.

No, Not A Cupcake Place

Buttercups Fitting Room

Buttercups Fitting Room

If you’re thinking about red velvet cupcakes and drooling, stop right there. “Buttercups – it’s got butt and cups – we cover them both,” says founder and CEO Arpita Ganesh. Like a pretty picture, the Buttercups fitting room is an absolute delight to walk into, where you can be sure that all your lady woes will be rightly addressed. This unique lingerie store gives its customer a wholesome experience of how exciting and important wearing the right bra can be.

Build Me Up Buttercup Baby

Buttercups claims to have 85 to 90 percent of women in the world wearing the incorrect size, which is a huge number, according to Aashika Poovanna, marketing manager. Made delicately, with high-end fabrics, the bras are especially made for the Indian body type. All bras are under-wired with variations in design, although the prime focus of the brand is on fitting. They have band sizes from 28 to 44 and cup sizes ranging from A to G. Buttercups’ intention is to educate women on the perfect fitting of a bra, their health benefits and the general importance of it in terms of appearance. Most of its customers are in the late 20s to mid 40s category, however they do have a cute collection for teenagers as well, albeit without a fitting option.

This utility-based brand does not have a front-end store yet. Once you come to the fitting room and take the experts’ advice, which is free of cost, you can go on to their website to place an order. 

#LBBTip: The matching bra-and-bottoms sets in a plethora of colours are covet-worthy. We also love their accessories that include ‘lowdowns’ for those low-back outfits and ‘sticky’, a useful and nearly invisible replacement for the safety pin.

Where: 279, 6th Cross Road, HAL, Indiranagar

Price: INR 1,895 upwards for bras

Contact: 080 67414823

Timing: 10am – 7pm, Tuesdays closed

Find Buttercups on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.