6rasa Is Bringing Back The OG Health Drink & Our Ancestors Are Beaming

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What Makes It Awesome

Not up for a debate but we Indians are entirely responsible for paving the way to health drinks and it began at home, in the kitchen, with our grandparents brewing us the popular Kashaya or Kashayam. Memories come flooding back? Ours too. Kashaya was the OG morning-noon-evening beverage, much before tea and coffee took over our lives but today, it has sadly been given the tag of a remedy. That's where 6rasa or Shadrasa steps in to remedy this injustice and restore and reintroduce the mighty glory of this all-natural, ayurvedic drink.

6rasa understands that Kashaya probably lost its everyday importance because of the buttload of work it causes. Sourcing all the rare ingredients, then putting together the right proportions, cooking it down till it's ready to drink - let's just say, is a process. So 6rasa brings convenience into the picture and bags their very own Kashaya, literally - in the form of tea bags that you can dip-dip and drink on the go, anytime, anywhere! 

Their traditional Shadrasa or 6 taste ayurvedic hot brew recipe uses quality herbs and spices, dry roasted to the right temperature, and blended to perfection. There are 15 ingredients in all including the likes of turmeric, dry ginger, cardamom, peppercorn, sarsaparilla root, and cumin, all responsibly sourced from local farms and cultivations across India. You can enjoy 6rasa's Kashaya with milk, as in, before or after bed, or any way you please. Freely replace it with daily beverages too, because this wonder drink heals from within!


Just as a memory refresher, Kashaya helps with blood pressure, digestion, excess heat, immunity, and just overall well-being. 6rasa Kashaya is available as dip bags (30 or 10) on The LBB Shop for INR 198 and INR 279. Click on Shop Now to buy.


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