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Turmeric Body Scrubs To Manjistha Serums: Ayurvedic Products For Your Skin

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What Makes It Awesome

Ayurveda is complex to understand, believe us when we were reading through the ingredients that go into the concoctions, we were blinking. But what we're sure about (and several other million humans are too) are the results. Tried and tested for years before many of us even existed, if you want to put your trust in results-driven skin care and hair care, pick a brand that's foundation is ayurveda, just like Nirakle on LBB Shop. It's also pretty dope that the name of this Kochi-based brand's (also, the land of Ayurveda) name rhymes with miracle because, well these products are!

Nirakle is a fairly new skin care brand on the market but for the most part have already begun bagging loyal patrons. Their products cover and heal/repair/restore several common concerns like acne, dull skin, dandruff, hair fall and more. Pro-tip, make sure to swipe on the images while shopping for a specific product on LBB, you will find all the areas that particular product targets. For example, the Ayurvedic Skin Illuminator aka Dinesavilyadi Thailam, nourishe, detoxifies and brightens skins together with being an ace sunscreen and moisturiser. The Miraculous Hair oil on the other hand, prevents premature greying, promotes hair growth, nourishes and keeps scalp clean and also cools the body. 

Ayurvedic Hair Spa, Exotic Night Serum and Skin Detox Oil are other products you must check out. The names of the ingredients that go into there are like we said mind boggling, but they are the usual suspects (just google their common names) and are fully natural, organic and safe too. Prices start at INR 360 and stay within the INR 2,500 range.


Nirakle's line of clean and natural beauty is also vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free (certified no animal testing).