Make Your Home Eco-friendly & Utilitarian One Handmade Bamboo Product At A Time

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What Makes It Awesome

Reality check: Your home decor is either ornamental or functional, rarely both. It is also most certainly not eco-friendly. Now that we've highlighted the issues, here's your solution - Bamboowala on LBB. This kick-ass brand, like you may have guessed, is all about promoting bamboo handicrafts while  generating employment for bamboo artisans. What's cooler is that the community and indigenous craft that Bamboowala is putting on the map hails from a small village in Tripura. Bamboo is also their choice of material because this wonder crop is a super sustainable choice (quick, do your research and be pleasantly surprised)! 

What will also pleasantly surprise you is the sheer range of bamboo handicrafts available at Bamboowala - products for your kitchen, your table and more. We've already convinced the fam that no table is complete without a pretty eco-friendly bamboo flower vase, so most definitely getting that! The bamboo serving trays look a worth-it investment too. If you want colour with bamboo, then definitely buy some of the bamboo baskets, available in different shapes (square, hexagonal, round) and the bamboo storage boxes too. In other products, Bamboowala also sells bamboo coffee mugs and cups, carved vases, decorative wall panels and hangings. Can't recommend this brand enough for their handicraft pieces look like total novelty items that are both artsy and utilitarian!

Prices start at INR 400 upwards. Happily make multiple purchases, you're supporting a good cause and filling your home with indigenous art and culture. 


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