This Brand Is Burying Single Use Plastic With Its Planet-Friendly Products!

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What Makes It Awesome

Sure, reusable products have come as a blessing in disguise to Mother Earth but as important as the concept of "Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose" is, equally and maybe more of a need is to "Refuse and Reduce". What? Our biggest enemy, Single Use Plastic. The easiest way this slides into our daily lives is through portable plastic cutlery. Avoid this by going green and carrying your own Areca Nut Company compostable, eco-friendly and biodegradable tableware and spoon. 

This Bengaluru brand is doing their bit and doing it sustainably. They gather only fallen areca nut leaves from farms in the Malnad region of Shimoga. This is then washed, cleaned, hot pressed into plates and spoons, cut, sterilised and packed. All you have to do is purchase, use guilt-free and then just compost (their products have no glues or veneers so it's easy to do the last bit)!

Areca Nut Company is also mindful of its post production practices. They recycle the leftover water and the remaining material is used as food for livestock or is used as organic compost. Woot, woot! So basically, these are zero-waste, biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly products (has to be one of our favourite facts stated ever).

Prices are INR 150 for a pack of 25 spoons and INR 299 for a pack of 12 plates. If you wish to buy in wholesale click on Enquire Now.


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