Liven Up Your Interiors With This Brand’s Cushion Covers And Coasters


    What Makes It Awesome

    We’re here to spread good vibes and tell you that your interiors aren’t mundane, they just can’t be when there is Fundane Studio selling its linen cushion covers and khadi coasters. An ode to the late 70s, you will find their products having designs and patterns that are inspired from olden trends. A tad loud, the brand’s cushion covers will exude a charming buzz to your sofa set with its dash of colours and embroidery. Oh and before we forget to mention, these are all handmade products.

    Fundane Studio sells some awesome and different cushion covers, the likes of which include a linen indigo cover with leaf prints and pom poms on both sides. Bright and pleasing to have around, just like you, our readers. For the old school frills, go for their linen cover with cotton frills that have block printed designs and little cloth frills on the edges. If you want something more pronounced, their tropical designed covers having yellow plant designs done up on black fabric and adorned with black wool fringes are a must buy. Not just linen, their mauve hand-knitted khadi-cotton Macrame Cushion Covers with light hues of pink and cream are top top for those of you in need of cushion covers recognising dolls.

    They also sell macrame coasters that are knit in a more crochet-y fashion and khadi coasters, coming with pure khadi textured fabric and colourful fabric latkans. Available in 16x16 inch, buy their products on Shop for LBB now.