Tea Cups, Dinner Plates & Serving Bowls: This Is Truly One House Of Ceramics

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What Makes It Awesome

True to its name, the online ceramic brand House Of Ceramics stocks up on all the essential ceramicware you need to make your dinner table complete. The brand's range is for anyone looking to either grow their collection of functional, everyday ceramicware or just starting to build a collection. We say collection because House Of Ceramics has a set for everything. If you are looking to invest in some pretty mugs, they've got a range in solid colours as well as ones that feature Moroccon and Indo-Arabic glazes. If you are into tea, there's even a tea set complete with a tea kettle. Kulhad cups with floral motifs for anyone who loves the idea of drinking their chai in pretty kulhad cups

On to the dining section, plates, bowls, and trays of varying sizes are what's on offer. You will love that the dinner plates comes with both interesting design motifs (think Moroccan and floral again) as well as matching bowls. Speaking of bowls, there's plenty. We are particularly inclined towards the duel tone snack bowls and the blue glazed ones. And yes they come as sets of four. So really, go ahead and browse through the collection that's available on LBB and then add to your cart and use up that LBB Perks to get some solid discounts. 


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