Pure As Can Be: World's First Traceable Honeys Extracted Through Automation!

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Weight Management Pack (Himalayan Multi-Floral, Ajwain, and Mustard)


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Pretty sure that bottle of honey sitting comfortably on your dining table (or the one you're going to purchase) isn't unadulterated, single source or minimally processed. We learnt this after a brief chat with Lakshmi, Co Founder of Eiwa Honey. Honey production and extraction in India goes through five elaborate steps, often with many middlemen involved. The result is a bottle of amber stripped of its nutrients and unhappy bees. This is where Eiwa steps in as our local bee-honey hero using high-tech beehives as weapons. This proprietary technology automates tamper-proof, untouched honey production and extraction. Honey collects in pods inside the hive, and once full, an alert is sent. This means the pod is ready to be removed and replaced.

Thanks to less disturbance during extraction, the bees remain unharmed and the technology also helps beekeepers monitor the hive's health and care for the bees. So, stress free bees equals tastier honey! These hives also have a first-of-its kind GPS traceability feature that gives you details of which farm the honey has been sourced from, including harvest deets. Of the lot of honeys that Eiwa harvests and sells, the Tulsi Honey and a unique Royal Jelly infused Sheesham Honey (Royal Jelly is the food given to the Queen Bee, great for immunity, mental health and slows ageing) are best sellers. Mustard, Ajwain and Neem Honeys are available. Prices start at INR 299 for 250gms and INR 499 for 500gms. Eiwa also has an annual subscription model and offers free shipping pan India.


Eiwa completely breaks down how this technology works to keep their honeys pure, bees ethically unharmed and farmers at rest on their website. Definitely worth the read and the education!


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