Fresh Kale To Bok Choy: This Brand Sells You The Right Kind Of Organic Greens

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What Makes It Awesome

How about kale smoothie or bok choy stir fry for a healthy dinner? Yayy or Nayy? We say yay with Broco’s healthy and organic green leafy vegetables. Started and owned by Bangalore trio Shreyas, Gurupal and Madhukiran, they focus on getting hygienic and highly nutritious veggies straight out of the farms. Broco sells broccoli, lettuce, kale, spinach and bok choy that are all farmed indoors using Hydroponic systems and vertical farming techniques. This ensures that only 10% water is used and recycled 24/7 and that there are no uses of soil and pesticides. The brand sells only top of the chart veggies that provide all necessary nutrients and that are the healthiest of the lot.

Broco works on a subscription model that can be renewed monthly. The model includes three boxes, the Singles, the Buddy and the Family boxes, each coming with the five fixed veggies but in varying quantities. We recommend the Singles box that comes with approximately 200g of each veggie and is delivered once in five days, ensuring that you get the freshest supplies six times a month. Broco harvests the veggies on the same day of delivery so that you will be able to score the greens right out of the farm. If these greens seem relatively new to you, each box comes with a recipe pamphlet with which you can whip up some tasty and healthy delights using these veggies.

Prices start from INR 1,800 per month and delivery is limited to Bengaluru.


If you want a break from their packages, you can pause your subscription whenever you wish to. You can also enquire with them about their offers.


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