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Order Local, Fresh & Sustainably Sourced Groceries From The Organic World

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Bangalore peeps, eating and living healthy has never been this easy! The Organic World brings you everything from organic fruits and veggies to non-toxic skincare products and environment-friendly household cleaning solutions. All their products are organic, sustainably sourced and good for you and the environment! They’ve got 11 stores across the city now, as well as their online store - getting your groceries just got more convenient. 

    Right from your morning cuppa to dinner, and those tempting mid-day snacks, Organic World has a wide variety of products for each meal. Start your day with an aromatic cup of organic chai or coffee and enjoy those post-workout smoothies, which are bound to taste better thanks to the fresh, organic fruit that they source directly from local farmers. All their products meet the required certifications, so you don’t have to worry about concerns like provenance, authenticity, safety and nutritional values! 

    If you’re switching to healthier meal options, they’ve got a huge range of staples such as millets, dry fruits, pulses. And don’t forget to check out their zero waste staple collection if you’re trying to be more sustainable and less wasteful. For those days when you don’t feel like cooking, but crave comfort food, you can also choose various Ready to Cook options such as millet dosas and khichdi mixes. If snacking is your thing, but you want to keep it healthy, check out their peanut bars, millet cookies, oat bites and more delicious fruit spreads, organic honey, creamy almond butter and more! 

    Don’t forget that when you choose to take this step towards living healthier and buying organic, you’re making a world of difference to local farmers that The Organic World directly sources from. The Organic World ensures the farmers are paid at a fair rate, so it’s a win-win for all parties! If you’re already scouring their website or making your weekly grocery list, remember to check out their toxic-free and environment-friendly home cleaning and pest control products.