Pair Of Shoes For A Canvas & Your Wild Imagination For Art, We Found Cool!

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What Makes It Awesome

Art is everywhere they say, but we prefer to wear it right where we can see it -- on our feet! How, you ask? Simple, DM HaaFoo! by clicking on the Enquire Now button and you will be blessed with your very own pair of hand painted custom shoes. We did promise you cool. 

This home-grown Instagram label based in Mumbai takes your quirky ideas and marries them with their creativity and skill to give you amazing shoes. Of course, these pair of loafer-type slip-ons are a riot of colours and so full of personality, you may just wear them for the rest of your life. We also want to remind you that since a pair of white shoes is your blank canvas, you may go ham. And we say let loose, completely! Because we've seen everything from Popeye, Spiderman, Harry Potter and the faces of a couple besties make it to these shoes. Pop culture characters and references not your jam? Then just resort to fill your canvas with all things you love and adore -- books, music, bags, favourite quotes, even food. What we're trying to say is that the sky is your limit. 

The paints and colours do not wear or you're worried about that but of course, this doesn't mean you do not care for your pair of HaaFoo! shoes. Slight imperfections are part and parcel of the package too, but hey handmade and hand painted over anything else! DM them right away for a masterpiece and request for prices as well.


HaaFoo has also very kindly put together a DIY Shoe Painting Kit that comes with paints and the tools you need to begin your artistry, including a pair of well-made white shoes.


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