Loud & Proud: Showcase What You Earn With These Handcrafted Wooden Medal Hangers

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Medal Hangers

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What Makes It Awesome

Medals (or achievements) are great reminders of many, many lessons and exhilarating moments in life. One look at the shiny metal and you’re hit with the perseverance, grit and sweat that went into owning it! We know you’re reminiscing as you read this, but are your hard earned medals in sight? They deserved to be displayed, of course but how? Medal Hangers India both asked and gave us an answer to this. 

Founded by two runners themselves, Lovleen and Asim, Medal Hangers India creates wooden medal hangers that display one’s true personality. They are also chic enough to complement your home décor. These pieces of art are brought to life by highly skilled artisans that have worked with wood for generations. And the process of making it is much like you would train for any race -- carefully and thoughtfully, dedicating all energy to craving and hand painting each hanger.

Medal Hangers India also takes it a step further by offering various design options. There are about 9 colours and 10 quotes options like “When In Doubt, Pedal It Out” or “Ride Like A Girl” that you can pick while placing an order through their website. The hangers also come with photo frames or bib displays and in jumbo sizes. We like the Chalkboard Medal Hanger for its cool design and for the fact that you can wipe and flaunt a bigger number each time you beat what you think was your personal best!


Medal Hangers India also makes fun useful gifts for runners and cyclists. The brand will be happy to customise your gift box too! Their website experience is sublime, everything is up loud and clear in video format too. Prices start at INR 1,650.


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