Dress Different, Dress Desi: These Handlooms Are Va-Va-Voom!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    A pair of jeans and a tee are great, but SHWH, asks a very important question. Can you really pass down a jean and tee to your children? Guess you already know the answer to that. Your solution to preserving what matters though, is in the very aptly called Some Hands With Hearts --  a true Indian spirited brand that honours Indian crafts and celebrates traditions, culture and stories through handlooms. Their goal is to bring us textiles and crafts from Indian heroes, aka our artisans. These are the hands that we heart!

    There's something so honest and charming about the handlooms from SHWH that we're saying it's time to ditch showing off our garments bought from international brands to flaunt the bandhanis and ajrakhs of our colourful country instead. SHWH has gone to lengths to ensure this happens. Aside from sourcing heard of, flamboyant Bandhani, timeless fabric traditionally dyed with natural yellow and red dyes and dreamy Ajrakh fabric known for its naturalistic quality and techniques, this label also deals in lesser known handlooms. We're talking, Bhujodi handloom from the Vankar Community of Bhujodi, Kutch. These accomplished weavers are globally famous for their shawls and sarees with exquisite designs. Tangalia fabric and Ragon print fabrics are also part of their rich repertoire of handlooms.

    You can own these gorgeous fabrics as stoles, sarees, dupattas, shawls or buy it as material. SHWH also has a super dope woollen crochet section with pretty tops and hats. They have a very limited collection in general, so only the cherry picked best for you!


    To place orders and enquiries, click on the Enquire Now button on this recommendation. Prices start as low as INR 480.