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Gorge On This Brand's Healthy And Tasty Superfoods And Teas


    What Makes It Awesome

    Movie night with pals never sounded better without belting guilt-free, super healthy snacks from Snack & Co's makhana (fox nuts), teas, quinoa chips and a variety of popcorn flavours. Snack & Co offers only premium snacks and beverages with flavours appealing to all age groups and every mood. This brand has something to offer for everyone, and that too free of guilt, calories and extra inches. 

    You might detest being cheesy but you won't, not after you try their Cheese and Herbs makhana that comes studded with a herby flavour and a cheesy aftertaste. Just like eating a pizza but the other way around. Its texture is crispy and can be left in the open for long without losing its crunch. If you want a more rounded spicy flavour for your desi palate, try the peri-peri quinoa chips that are mildly spiced yet pack a punch. They also have their peri-peri oat chips that would go well with pulav or even a bowl of curd rice. Now if you just want a tea partner, go for their Italian Seasoning flavoured oat chips.

    We also suggest their Candy Crush Popcorn, which is basically popcorn coated with caramel dipped in natural fruit flavours of Pineapple, Strawberry and Orange. To wash all these goodies down, you would require something to drink now, wouldn’t you? Snack & Co has you covered again with its healthy teas. The Rose Oolong Tea boosts metabolism and provides glow and the Assam Masala Chai (highly sought after) goes well for all milk lovers. 

    Their prices hover around INR 145 - INR 290


    Avail discounts and combo offers as and when launched.