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Matcha Culture

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What Makes It Awesome

Raise your hands if you've promised yourself that you will drink/eat healthier but didn't pull through. Both our hands are up! But we've found a solution for this and you can make it part of your life too. It's Matcha from Bangalore-based online brand Matcha Culture. For the uninitiated, Matcha is the potent sister of green tea that you do not steep or brew. It is made of high-quality green tea leaves.

Matcha Culture handpicks theirs from the Kyoto farm-hills of Japan, dries and then stone grinds them into a delicate powder. Since you're consuming the whole leaf, this makes matcha a superfood loaded with antioxidants, and it's a great pick me up, thanks to a high caffeine content (minus the jitters or crash). If you're wondering how it tastes, imagine rich and earthy with a pleasant bitterness. Matcha typically comes in three different grades, all of which are available on Matcha Culture's website. The Ceremonial Grade, the purest and finest is traditionally served whisked (with a bamboo whisk) just with hot water. You can also enjoy this as a latte with some milk and honey. It is the most expensive (INR 1,200 for 50gms), so is best reserved for special occasions.

Tried matcha and don't like it? We hear you. Use the Premium Grade (leaves of second harvest) or Culinary Grade to cook with matcha. You could make smoothies, or a matcha hummus and tiramisu too!  Get started on your matcha expedition because Matcha Culture ships across India.


You can buy Matcha Culture matcha in tins of 50gm and 100gm. They also sell the bamboo whisk to help you make matcha the traditional way at home. 


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