Get Protein Packed Fudge, Granola Bars And Chips From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

For those of you looking for healthy yet tasty snacks, look no further than Ritebite. Most of you probably remember their yummy protein bars that were great to munch on post-workout. Apart from regular (flavoured) protein and granola bars, they have now diversified into a whole range of products to satiate any snack craving you have, and you can order it all online.

Firstly, their bars now come in different flavours (apart from chocolate, peanut butter, and berries), they have variants like honey lemon, chocolate fudge, green coffee, almond mocha, nuts & seeds, among others. You can get a single bar, a pack of six, or a pack of 12. All packed with protein and micronutrients, feel free to make your choice based on your daily activity levels. Want to try them all before committing to one? Just buy the assorted pack online with one of each. Prices for the bars start at INR 145.

What we’re more excited about is their range of savoury crisps and crunchy snacks that you can buy online! Available in 60g and 150g options (the latter looking like a Pringles box), they’re probably the healthiest chips you could have. Ingredients include flour made with Millets & Pulses, Jowar, Chickpeas, Quinoa, Soy and Ragi among others. Full protein and fibre as you can see. Flavours include everything from tomato and peri-peri to Spanish tomato, and cheese & jalapeno. 


They also sell diet sweetener, peanut spreads and sugar free protein bars as well. You can also buy their pack of 14 assortment boxes. 


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