Having A Party? 9 Brands To Get Multi-purpose & Chic Pouffes, Stool & Ottomans

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Chic, modern or statement home accents aren't just reserved to tables or walls anymore. Shift your attention to seating and do it quickly, because everybody already has and upgrades are in progress as you read! The new obsession? Versatile, and practical stools and pouffes with an edge so unmatched and stylish, they will elevate your living space, home bar, bedroom - you name it. To help you land this jackpot, we give you only the best - homegrown brands that are nailing this trend of contemporary, even desi and upcycled styles of stools and pouffes, with craftsmanship that tbh, we're pretty blown away by. Invite guests, take a seat with them on these stools, sit back and enjoy! Before that, bookmark and shop for these beauties on LBB.


Amoli Concepts

The handcrafted stools at Amoliconcepts are as dynamic and diverse as the brand itself. Together with using a range of fabric for upholstery like vintage velvet or traditional kantha embroidered cotton, knitted wool, and woven jute, the brand also makes use of durable outdoor and indoor materials like eucalyptus/mango wood, recycled fabric, aluminium or iron. You can pick up their tall bar stools with colourful legs (think bright orange, pink and blue) and footrest for comfort and pair them with a balcony height patio table or indoor bar. But if you want to fill empty floor space in the living room or bedroom, pick out the low footstools and pouffes. Complete with trendy upholstery, they add heaps of character and colour. The footstools double as great footrests under desks t now that many of us spend most days working from home.

Prices: INR 3,250 upwards



Nestroots is turning up the fancy with its footstools and ottomans. The contemporary design meets comfortable function is totally something Pinterest and IG are currently obsessed with. We're talking about those gold-plated metal frames shaped like cages with velvet/printed and embroidered cotton/leather upholstery. These sit pretty in multiples either in the living room or reading room. The brand also scores big for its affordable prices - pretty shocking for the sophistication we get in return. 

Our favourites: Metallic Cross-leg Ottoman, Brown Leatherette Ottoman and Zigzag Design Wooden Ottoman 

Prices: INR 1,600 upwards.

Sheen Decor

Sheen Decor

Expect a whole lot of quirk, colour and in-your-face patterns in Sheen Decor's puffy stools. We're talking tropical forests, rose gardens, and camo prints. These stools make a fun statement in a sea of monotones or will only add to the cheer of a maximalist home. To us, the patterns depict a celebratory mood. You also have a limited number of sober pieces in velvet or jute seating, if that's more your style. These stools are available at throwaway prices as low as INR 1,600. We say so because they are all engineered with German teakwood, so quality > price here.

Our favourites: Black Natural Jute Puffy Stool, Blossom Printed Puffy Stool, Semi Smocking Textured Stool, and Multicoloured Printed Stool 

Prices: INR 1,600 upwards.

Sirohi by Skilled Samaritan Foundation

Sirohi By Skilled Samaritan Foundation

Sirohi's handcrafted stools, (emphasis on it being handmade) deliver some serious style and some good feels with it too. Every piece of furniture here is made by local women artisans from low-income communities and uses upcycled, sustainable materials. Not that just this, these stools are also highly functional - can be used as decor, a seat or even a side table. They are also surprisingly comfortable with sturdy iron and wood legs. Plus, since they use woven cotton rope, it's easier to clean unexpected spills without leaving noticeable stains. We love the ones in the signature Aztec patterns most. The prices may seem a little steep but you're paying for solid craftsmanship and quality.

Our favourites: Parrotfinch Aztec Pattern Stool, Savitri Handwoven Stool, and The Lustrous Duckling Stool 

Prices: INR 4,300



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Looking for something truly quirky, that may or may not match the rest of your furniture? No prizes for guessing, yes, Chumbak. With their quintessential pops of colour, vibrant prints and decent pricing (they start at INR INR 5,500), you can't quite go wrong. What is lovely is these, like most Chumbak stuff, are not made to fit it. They are meant to stand out. While there are solid colours like mustard, blue, green and teal, go all out and pick the prints. 

Our favourite: India Paisley, Spring Bloom, Red Ikkat

Prices: INR 5,500 upwards



Upcycled footstools that add just enough colour and character is what you will at Rimagined. The catalogue is limited but what you have to choose from is clean, earthy in its vibe and made from quality wood and upcycled upholstery. If you're one who doesn't use too many footstools, these options may just change your mind and have you make that purchase at least for the sake of decor.

Prices: INR 1700 upwards.

Sashaa World

Sashaa World

Knitted, jute or macrame, Sashaa World really knows how to nail the cottage-core trend. Their offerings are in muted shaded of white, mustard yellow, grey and off white, so it will match practically any interior. Since they're all soft, and fluffy, you'll feel like you're sitting on a warm, snuggly sweater. Adding that hint of texture with the fabrics (well, except jute!), these are great to also add a little boho to your home. There's also one storage Ottoman that is limited-edition as a collaboration with a Singapore brand!

Price: INR 1,899 upwards

Manor House

Manor House

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True to its name, Manor House pouffes, ottomans and stool are elegant and boho-inspired. Either as a permanent fixture for your dresser, to add extra seating in the living room, or to just dot the space with, these ones are comfy and chic. The stools are easy to carry around too, and since they're just about 1.5 feet, and come up to your knees, they're nice enough also to put your feet up on from the couch.

Our Favourite: Grey Ottoman Pouffes

Price: INR 4,500 upwards

House Of Aarna

House of Aarna

With cushioned seats, the House Of Aarna Ottomans come with and without legs. While it's great to sit on as a spare seat, or to have in your bedroom, these also moonlight as a posh table for the drawing room for things like magazines, throws or extra cushions. You can then use it up kick your feet up and watch Netflix.  

Our Favourite: This blue Ottoman

Price: INR 2,999 

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