Putting The Fun/ctional In Everyday Living: This Eco Label Is A Real Corker!

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What Makes It Awesome

Our interaction with cork may start and end with the opening of a wine bottle but don't ever mistake this unassuming yet marvelous material as capable of just this. Why all the laud and praise? Because cork can decorate a home like no other. Unbelievable? We say check out Fun/ctional! This cool Kolkata- based home label is giving cork a new lease of life with its fresh, fun and functional design.

Why cork? Sustainability is number one! Cork grows on the bark of trees and can be harvested nearly 16 times without cutting the tree (keeps regrowing), so all Fun/tional products by default are eco-friendly and recyclable. But that's not all, the label also sheds light on how cork is simply more rewarding than any other sustainable material. It's easily malleable and can be shaped a 1000 ways, it's naturally water resistant, when compressed it can make any container airtight (remember wine bottles?), it's super lightweight and does not break upon falling (we want a cork phone) and it's also hypo-allergenic (does not absorb dust and is anti bacterial)! Sold. Sold. Sold.

Cork aside, we love Fun/ctional's design approach. Their ingenuity lies in doing very little to this already powerful material. So the designs are minimal, fuss-free with clean geometric lines. The product line though is vast! Everything from tableware -- Hexagonal Trays, Coasters, Reversible Candle Stands, Planters to bathware -- Soap Dishes, Containers and even Desk Organisers and Wall Shelves made entirely of cork is available. Fun/ctional also plays with textures dabbling in ripples or the natural texture of cork. Overall, the aesthetic of any piece is certain to invoke a sense of calm and joy.


You can shop for Fun/tional's products right here on Shop On LBB. Their price range starts at INR 350.


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