You Oughta Catch A Love For Terracotta After This Indie Art Jewellery Label!

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What Makes It Awesome

Ethnic or traditional Indian jewellery has a new address in Sajjita Terracotta and if you haven't yet guessed, it's all about terracotta! Technically, jewellery made of "red earth" or "baked clay" isn't new, in fact, it dates back to Mohenjo Daro times, but we're yet to see any brand bringing the style back to life like this homegrown label. Take a minute to go through their handiwork by swiping through the images on this recommendation and bless your eyes. You will see all things bright, beautiful, vibrant and handmade or hand painted. Plus, a finish that is fine and skilful. 

What we most love is the pride that Sajjita takes in showing off Indian folklore and age-old art and craft techniques. Where else will you find elaborate necklaces and earrings with whole Kerala Murals, Madhubani and Pichwai Art? Tribal art and folklore feature heavily too. But that doesn't mean they haven't tested modern waters. We're smitten by the earrings -- danglers, jhumkas, studs and more. Together with colours and alluring patterns, Sajjita also experiments with shapes -- half moons, diamonds, flowers, abstracts, nature/animal shaped and textures -- their embossed pieces are heart eyes!

Sajjita Terracotta is also happy to customise a whole collection of terracotta earrings and terracotta necklaces for you, including matching or mismatched sets. Though handmade and everything is affordably priced, you can click on Enquire Now to chat with the brand, place your orders and request for prices. PS: if you imagine these pieces to be heavy or gaudy, you’re wrong on both counts. Sajjita Terracota jewellery is deceivingly light and can be worn on Indian or Western wear for some pizazz! 


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