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What Makes It Awesome

Add spice to your interiors with coasters and cushion covers from Mohi, an Indian design brand that wants to give you the best of what Indian Artistry has to offer. Made with local hand-weaved fabrics, Mohi specialises in products in a range colours, traditional Indian motifs, tribal and self-expressive prints. If you have always wondered as to how you could spruce up the old cot or the vintage jali chairs chilling in your backyard, you're in for a treat. With a zeal to prevent much environmental damage, the brand uses eco-friendly raw materials and yet, manages to offer high quality with its cotton and pure silk embroidered products. 

Ask us and we were smitten by their cushion covers, all coming in traditional weave patterns and enchanting prints, from Kalamkari, Bandhej, Gotapatti to Ikat and Zari. This brand seems to have encapsulated the various Indian influenced textile arts within a 30x30cm cushion cover. Made primarily from pure silk and cotton, their cushion covers come in sizes ranging from 30x30cm to 60x60cm, with some embellished using block prints while others adorned with stones studded on them. If you want to try out something more minimal, we recommend their coasters made from locally sourced fabrics that boast of tribal designs. They come in sets of four with each one measuring around 5x5 inches. Mohi sells its products at around INR 580 - INR 1,500. 


Here's something new for those of you wanting to explore the brand beyond home decor. They have introduced big pendant sets, not the expensive stone jewellery but more on line of Ikat, Kowrie and Kantha pendant sets. They even have choker sets, the Ajrakh cotton and Kantha fabric one was our favourite.

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