BYLI In Kalyan Nagar Is Serving Up All Our Favourite Grub

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This cheerful little eatery is where you should head to for great pastas, tacos and burgers in Kalyan Nagar that pairs well with its laid back and easy setting. 

What Is It?

Byli {Bet You Love It} is a great place to hit up for some good food paired with good company. This restocafe has continental, Italian, Mexican and Asian food on the menu, so whatever craving you’ve got, they have you covered. With all the crowd favourites on their menu, from pizzas to tacos, this place is where you should be taking the squad. And with a killer breakfast menu as well, with Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Croissant and an entire section of their menu dedicated to a list of omelette preparation, head over hear anytime post 9 am to tuck into a hearty meal.

Who Is It For?

For anyone who loves good food and a casual dining experience. With a variety of items on offer, even the fussiest of eaters will find something here that they like. It’s a great place to unwind with it’s laid-back setting and yummy grub.

What Is The Ambience Like?

With wooden interiors, a grey and canary yellow colour scheme, and walls splashed with all it’s potential full forms { they get really creative with this}, this place will definitely put you in a good mood. Their playlist keeps changing, but when we were last there, the were blasting all of my Bieber guilty pleasure. The restocafe always keeps the atmosphere light and fun, which is why it’s such a great place to kick it back with the crew.

Must Eat

I’m a big fan of their pastas, their Carbonara being my favourite. But everything is a safe bet here. Try their quirky starters and their Baked Blueberry Cheesecake also.

How Was My Experience?

I have no complaints. Everything from the food to the decor was on point. Definitely gives the other eateries at Kalyan Nagar a run for their money. They won their bet. I love it!


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