Sip A Cuppa Or Go Online: Cafes With Wi-Fi In Koramangala

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While great ambience and food are a winning combination when it comes to cafes, the offer of free Wi-Fi just adds to their appeal. Especially for those of us who can’t help but miss the constant buzz of our smart devices, whether it is to post that latest Snapchat story or to complete some pending work. If you’re in Koramangala and looking for such a spot, where you can sit back and work {or chill}, here’s our pick of cafes in the hood with free Wi-Fi.

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Om Made Cafe

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Om Made Cafe

While Om Made Cafe’s simple decor and laidback vibes match their concept of ‘Refresh and Relax’, the cafe also lets you stay connected and even get some work done, thanks to their free Wi-Fi. Add to that their cosy rooftop seating {with a view!} and you’ve got the perfect place to double up as your workspace on those days when you don’t want to head to office. Along with cups of Cappuccino or Masala Chai to keep you going, try their quiches or sandwiches if the hunger pangs strike.

Mr. Beans Home Cafe

While weekends can get quite noisy, we wouldn’t mind settling into a comfy spot here on evenings with an engaging book and a cup of hot chocolate. Not quite your idea of unwinding? For those of you who don’t like staying off the grid for too long, log on to their free Wi-Fi connection. While you’re busy surfing the web or even chasing deadlines, there’s Creamy Mushroom on Toast, Spaghetti Bolognese and Shepherd’s Pie for your comfort food cravings.

A Cafe

The folks at A Cafe prefer patrons to interact and spend time with each other, but they also understand how important work can be. Which is probably why they offer free Wi-Fi to customers who need it. However, you won’t see it mentioned anywhere {it’s a bit of a secret, you see}. So, while you order yourself a cup of their hot Mocha or a sandwich, you can get the password from the counter. Also, don’t misuse it, please. We love that they think chatting is still more important, because, really, it is.


Bakimo has a little of both worlds, be it the old-fashioned options like books and board games or a quite reliable Wi-Fi connection to keep you online and up to date. Add on a Beef and Bacon Cheese Burger along with a thick chocolate milkshake, and you’ve got yourself a great spot to kick back in.

Mustard Cafe

Being the startup hub of the city, freelancers and small teams are often on the lookout for quiet cafes to work out of. And, Mustard Cafe gladly goes the extra mile for such groups. While they offer free Wi-Fi connection that you can access for three hours, if you’re planning to spend longer than that, they’re all up to customise a deal for a specific amount {redeemable on food and drinks}. Their Mushroom and Cheese Bruschetta makes for a light start before you move on to their Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce.


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