Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re just looking for a quiet, chill place to sit back and read a book, with an occasional snack or a wallet-friendly meal in-between, Story Cafe is the perfect place to hit up.

Chow Down

Kimchi fried rice, or a slice of freshly baked cake

Sip On

Green Tea Frappucino

Winning For

Hands down, the ambience. Each room is playful, and very thoughtfully decorated {more on that later}.

Lowdown On The Ambience


This cafe is inconspicuous, and we spent a good 15 minutes looking for it {it’s right across the road from Moyra Sweets in an unmarked building}. We even convinced ourselves it didn’t exist. But fortune favours the persistent, and we were soon climbing the steps to a small apartment converted into a three-room restaurant. The room you enter into is the largest, and had some very whimsical wall decor. The second room offers Korean-style floor seating with a warm glow to it, while the third has four tables, one a re-purposed sewing machine. Adorable!

Fanciful Feast


Since it was 4 PM, we decided to try out their tea time treats. Unfortunately most of the cakes had already sold out, so you’ll have to get there a little earlier if you want their full selection of baked goods. We really wanted to try the sweet potato cake but alas. We finally decided on a chocolate chiffon cake, a fresh fruit shortcake, a caramel macchiato and an Oreo frappachino.

The chiffon cake was forgettable but the shortcake had a fresh tutti-frutti flavour, with delicious chunks of kiwi. Our drinks were well-made and large, albeit a little overpriced. We also ordered a kimchi fried rice, which was spicy and pungent. The portion was just right, and the dish came with a free drink! We’re excited for our next visit — the ramen looked mouth-wateringly good. They also serve Korean-style fried chicken {if you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a treat} from the nearby Thran restaurant, so we have that on our radar, too!

So We’re Thinking…

The place is filled with students {mostly Korean} doing work, so if you’re looking for somewhere quiet yet sociable, you’ll love this little hidden gem!

#LBBTip: Unlike most other cafes, Storybook offers unlimited WiFi, so it’s already ahead of the game!

Photos: Abheet Anand/LBB