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Calvay Foods

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What Makes It Awesome

Rewind back to sixth grade and you will remember exactly why your teacher stressed upon protein rich foods during biology class. To refresh your memory, protein is amazing. It repairs muscles and tissues, is great for hair and skin, and is reason why we should make it part of our daily meals. 

To help us welcome protein into our diets with more of an ease and convenience, two engineers decided to begin their very own food company called Calvay Foods. In their range of healthy foods you will find ready-to-eat breakfast and meal options that are easy to whip up and delicious. Delicious because they use all natural ingredients (no additives) and easy because it takes only one step of adding either hot water or milk to your mix. 

Here's what you should order as a power breakfast: From the VegRich Protein section, get the Muesli Fudge in flavours of chocolate, coffee or berry. This concoction has whey protein, wheat flakes, oat flakes, flax seeds, dried dates, almonds, raisins and cocoa powder, berries or coffee. Calvays also has a a VegRich Protein Desi range, that has Oats Poha (good enough to be eaten as is or cooked), Protein Power Noodles, Upma or Daliya.

If you're lactose intolerant and cannot do with whey protein, Calvay has all of the above foods available in EggRich variants. You can shop for their foods on LBB, there are assorted combo packs on offer too, in case you're looking to try out the brand and then make bigger repurchases.


Calvay Foods has introduced bigger meals in addition to breakfast, so fine delicious Protien Power Noodles and Oats Khichadi. Make sure you take a look at the instructions, clearly mentioned at the back on how to prepare and store your box of muesli or upma once opened.


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