Love Living The Wild Life? Pick Up Camping And Outdoor Gear From Here

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What Makes It Awesome

Picture this: you’ve agreed to go for a camping trip, but you’re the least outdoorsy person you know. How and where do you start looking for the right gear? By hitting up a Wildcraft of course! Sure you’ve (probably) been using their bags for non-camping purposes, but there’s a reason they’ve lasted this long. 

A familiar brand that has grown to provide for pretty much any storage (or weatherproofing need) for when you get out of your home, find everything from rain jackets to sling bags. Ideal for when you’re toughing it out in your journey whether it’s Outer Ring Road, or a trek to the peak of Savandurga. Their Meenakshi Mall store is no Frills, with their best selling bags  lining the walls. You can pick up backpacks, sling bags, duffel bags, laptop bags, wallets, and those heavy duty 45 litre haulers too. For outdoor enthusiasts, check out their range of sleeping bags (regular, and insulated), tents, and accessories like water bottles, travel kits, and camera packs. 

Browse through their clothing; all strictly functional, especially when out on your adventure, get T-shirts (cotton and quick dry options), jackets, sweatshirts, pants (cargo or cotton) and shorts. Men, If you can’t pick between the last two, get a convertible one! Complete your camping prep by picking up the appropriate footwear if you don’t have any. The staff is knowledgeable and will be able to help you based on where and how long you’ll use it for your trip


Come monsoon, their collection of rainwear (jackets, raincoats, ponchos, and rain pants!) doesn’t disappoint. These are worth the investment even if you don’t do many outdoor activities and are quite durable too.


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