This Gourmet Snacks Company For Doggies Offer Probiotic Popsicles And Fudgy Squares

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Clever Canine

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Dedicated to making nutritious canine goodies, Clever Canine delivers gourmet snacks and treats for your pooch to your doorstep, some of which are also available across the city’s pet-friendly restaurants.

In The Beginning

When canine behaviourist Yamika Damani realised the effect a good diet had on the health and behaviour of her adorable rescue terrier Pixie, she started making healthy and natural treats for the pets of her clients as well. Seeing a visible difference in skin allergies and other health issues she launched Clever Canine treats — an online service that delivers handcrafted canine cuisine throughout Bangalore.

Because Man’s Best Friend Needs TLC Too

A happy dog is an active dog, and Clever Canine creates a range of nutritious treats that are made from natural ingredients minus the preservatives, like turmeric, coconut, apples salmon and chicken liver. Since everything is prepared fresh without any chemicals, the shelf-life can last from a few days to a couple of months.

What’s In The Doggie Bag?

The items on the menu sound like treats indeed, and sound delish enough to tempt us humans {technically you could, as all their ingredients are safe for human consumption}. From dog biscuits in the shape of cute bones, made of milk and minerals to ‘barkies’, there are choices galore. Barkies are fudgy squares, free from gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar, and come packed with honey, peanuts and coconut. To beat the heat, relieve your pooch’s panting with Canine Club’s range of frosty probiotic popsicles available in blueberry, salmon and bacon ‘n’ apple flavours, and apparently packed with vitamins and omega-3, of course. For the more seasoned palate, treat your dog to their chicken liver pâté or peanut-butter and carrot pupcakes. 

What's A Birthday Without Cake

When a human year of a dog’s life translates to 7 years in doggie time, this calls for no less than a celebration. Say it with love, or better with a delicious doggie-cake. Choose from Clever Canine’s chicken delight with pumpkin and oats or a less meaty option of carrot and peanut butter. For the ultimate cake, the meatloaf cake is packed with different kinds of meat and veggies.


The Clever Canine website has recommended quantities for puppies and adult dogs, so you can regulate portions accordingly.


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