This Coorg Resort Has A Lake, Cottages, Stunning Views & Amazing Pandi Curry Too

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What Makes It Awesome

Coorg is always calling. It’s difficult to say no to fresh air, coffee plantations and that piquant Kodava food. If you get this sentiment, then we know a lovely place that brings all these things together, and perfectly so - Capitol Village. Set amidst coffee plantation, and a gorgeous lake (if you’re planning a proposal, here is the spot!) and cottages overlooking the lush greenery, Capitol Village isn’t too far from the bustling Madikeri town too. There are a total of 20 rooms, and they are not your regular rooms. 

Cosy and kitted out with a lovely patio and a balcony that has stunning views on the coffee estate the resort is on, the rooms are spacious, and perfect to relax in. Despite that though, who wants to sit indoors when postcard-ready views are within easy reach. Head over to the little lake that is ideal to wander around, lounge with a cup of coffee and book in hand. Or just snooze on the banks under a wooly blanket. 

 I highly recommend you swap scrolling on your phone in favour of a trek around the area, or a plantation trail. Better still, if you’re into fishing, the hospitable team here will sort you out for a day of angling. Or, hang around the garden, or your own personal patio playing board games. That said, there is WiFi, but you’re here to disconnect, yeah? 

Capitol Village is also very well known for its kitchens. Oh, I dream of the Pandi Curry, Puttu, and the Noolputtu and Koli Kari here. That is pork curry, chicken curry and rice dishes typical to the Kodava region. But the food isn’t limited to just this. Just ask the chef, and he’ll be happy to oblige and cook you up a feast, to your liking. 

 Dev, the proprietor, is also on the property a lot of the time, and if you’re lucky, he’s one to catch for the history and stories of the lands ruled by the mighty Kodavas. Bring out the whiskey, sit by the lake with a bonfire going and you’re sorted. Of course if you need company, the LBB Crew is happy to oblige.

Prices start at INR 3,000.


They also have three massive spaces to give out for celebrations. Since it’s out in the open, you’ll feel safe enough too. We’d pick a sunset event with the lake for a backdrop to make it spectacular. 


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