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There's A New Card Game In Town And It's Touted To Be India's First Strategic Homegrown Game

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Minimize is apparently India's first strategic card game that can be played by up to eight players and the rules are simple and easy as the name suggests. Time to reestablish your status as the perfect party host! 

What Makes It Awesome

In a world of Cards Against Humanity and Uno, we found ourselves playing a new card game that involves strategising and doing basic math. Say hello to Minimize, a new card game that you can introduce to your friends for the next house party or sleepover. It's almost like Uno in design and structure, but unlike Uno, in this one you need to reduce the total value of cards in your deck to seven or less to win! Basically, the name of the game is the rule of the game -- minimize your total value by putting down a single card, same numbers or a sequence of numbers. 

You will like the fact that the game is suited for two to eight players, so more the people, more the merrier. Another interesting fact that we liked about the game is that the instructions are easy to understand and even card game noobs will get the gist of the game from the first game. Oh, and lest we forget, there are power cards too, guys! Yes, we live for those power cards that can throw the game open or make you the ultimate minimizer. Some of these power cards like 'I Declare Now' will make you an instant winner without having to wait for your turn. 


We found the game to be a lot more fun when there are more than four players as each player gets seven cards to begin with.