Check Out This Home-Based Baker For Classes On Simple Bakes and Handy Tips

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What Makes It Awesome

When Caroline Radhakrishnan first tried her hand at baking, little did she know that she would end up inspiring others to do the same. With basic classes conducted for aspiring bakers and the occasional advanced classes, she hopes to share her love for baking. So, whether you’re just looking for a new pastime or to hone your baking skills, Caroline will help you out. What’s more, even your little tykes can join you for the classes. Her students include those as young as six, we hear!

Steering away from fancy bakes and keeping it simple, Caroline’s three-day basic sessions include theory, demonstration and hands-on lessons for bread, cakes, cookies and even a few desserts. So, you get to learn nine different recipes and whip up goodies like breadsticks, choco chip cookies, buns, pizza bases and chocolate brownies. By the end of the class, you’ll also be given six new recipes to try out, based on the methods taught.

Advanced classes (one-day sessions) will keep you busy with dishing out the perfect cinnamon rolls, tarts and more. Make sure you don’t miss the useful and interesting nuggets of information she offers every now and then, be it about handy equipment you can stock up on or about her love for adding orange or lime zest to all her bakes. Along with the classes, she also accepts orders for healthy whole grain cakes and cookies.


Her classes start at INR 5,000 upwards so make sure to call her beforehand to know how much her sessions cost. Her studio is located in Frazer Town and once you confirm your session, she will share the details with you.


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