On Point: Give This Micro Artist A Pencil & Watch Him Carve Out Joy For A Gift!

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What Makes It Awesome

Sharpening as we knew it was either a fail or win, but mostly the former because you know how fragile lead can be! This is exactly why our minds were blown when we spotted Micro Artist and Sculptor, Krupa carving miniatures and words on the tip of a pencil in his brand, Eder Art. A splendid idea for a gift, this form of artistry, mostly unknown in India, came to Krupa rather naturally and more like a hobby right from his college days, he shares. 

Transforming the tips of lead pencils is no easy feat though, especially because it takes deft motion, nimble fingers, terrific vision and at least three days to complete a piece (aka oodles of patience). Krupa has mastered word writing through his chiseled carvings. So in previous commissions you will spot names of loved ones or words like "anniversary" or "super mom" to mark special occasions. He has also carved a-z in cursive and the longest word in the dictionary. Not just English, you'll see Hindi and Telugu alphabets make cameos too!

Intricate and detailed miniatures are his upcoming love. So far we see roses, tiny interlocked hearts, hands and even a coronavirus miniature in Eder Art's gallery. These delicate pieces are preserved and shipped in either a clear glass frame or in a test tube. Just to make sure these pieces of art last and preserve better, Krupa uses imported pencils from a Chinese graphite mining company that measure 5 millimeters in thickness.


Prices currently stand at INR 2,000 for 6 letters but can increase or decrease based on order size and detail. Hit the 'Enquire Now' button to place queries and orders.


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