What Is It?

Sure every dog has his day, but what about them furry cats? Taking their cue right on time, Animal Aid Alliance in partnership with SARV, is hosting a cat adoption drive this weekend. Calling themselves the CAT Squad, the group fosters rescued, injured and abandoned cats. So this will be your chance to turn parent and bring home some of these cute little fur balls.

Who Is It For?

It’s really for anyone with a heart and a possible home, for a kitty! How can you say no to those gorgeous tawny eyes, or that soft fuzzy tummy? And if you’ve actually been actively looking to adopt a kitten, then this will be an absolute bumper as you are going to be in the fine company of several of them. Cat ladies and gents, if you are looking to add one more fur ball to your pack, then this should be your happy place. Or even pet parents, who are considering  adoption {adopt, don’t shop please!} for the first time. This one’s for you.

Why Should I Go For It?

Well because there’s nothing as cute as too many kittens purring and roaming about the place, is there? Not ready to bring a cat home yet? Then just go hang with them, get to know them and even cuddle with them cuties. Even if you don’t, it’ll still be worth your time. There are talks on animal rights as well as veganism which diversifies the afternoon a bit.

When: Sunday, July 24