Can't Decide A Work Lunch Spot At CBD? These Places Will Fix You

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It's lunch time! Are you tired of Swiggying it all the time? Do not fret, folks! We have the perfect list of restaurants that you can head straight to without even thinking about it for a second. And if you work in the CBD of Bangalore, you have dime and a dozen options to choose from – so we have narrowed it down to the ones that you will all absolutely love! *drum roll*

Mandarin Box

With a really impressive modern ambience, at this Chinese restaurant on Church Street you HAVE to order the Meal In A Box that makes your life really simple. You can create your perfect meal by just choosing  Base + Add Ons + Sauces and Toppings. If you want to have an elaborate meal, they have everything from soups and starters to Honey Date Wontons (we love)! Read more about it here.

KC Das

One has been led to believe that there are only delicious Bengali sweets to be had here, but, you can also tear into a plate of lip-smacking Luchis served with Dum Aloo and Bengali dal. It is simply outstanding and perhaps the best value for money lunch in this area. Check it out here.

Tao Terraces

A brilliant buffet is definitely a meal you should opt for at Tao. For a decently priced INR 550 plus taxes, (considering it’s the CBD), you get everything – a drink, starters, soups, mains and desserts. What more do you need? 

Hard Rock Cafe

If you feel like a burger kind of day, head straight to HRC just off MG Road. Go for the Classic Beef or Chicken Burger or if you appetite seems to be particularly good; you must try The Big Cheeseburger. They also have executive lunch combos from time to time, so be sure to ask. Read more here.

Nagarjuna & Bhimas

If you’ve lived in Bangalore long enough, you will constantly crave for Andhra Meals at least once a week. In the CBD you have a few choices but Nagarjuna seems to be the popular choice. If you feel like a changing it up a bit, you can go to Bhimas too – we ain’t biased! Either way, read our verdict on both at this battle here.

Airlines Hotel

Escaping from one’s air-conditioned environs to the generous canopy of grand, old banyan trees should be enough reason. But should you need more, they’ve also got an enormous, filling Channa Batura that will lull you into slumber and a dark, rich filter coffee to wake you back up. Or just pick the usual dosas and coffee. Check it out here.


If you and bae want to catch up for lunch, walk straight to Barton Center and head up to Ebony. You can catch the brilliant buffet spread that’s on for only lunch through the week. Feast away and enjoy the breeze on the 13th floor with a bird’s eye view of CBD. We recommend the Kebab platter and the Curry Bowls – pretty awesome! Check out our love for the restaurant here.


They’ve got an executive lunch at Shiro on weekdays, where you can pick an appetiser, a main dish and a dessert from a limited menu of their crowd-pleasers. At INR 650 for the three course one, and INR 770 for four, it's quite the bargain, for an otherwise rather expensive place. Take your pick from delicate, stuffed dumplings to sinful chocolate desserts. 

Chutney Chang

With a huge buffet spread that is sure to fill your stomach (and heart) to the brim filling and then some, Chutney Chang masters in pleasing everyone with its multi-cuisine spread. Come here on a Friday for a long lunch with your office pals for a slow and relaxed lunch. We hear, it's the longest buffet in the entire city! 

The White Room

With zen ambience, a charming garden, and picnic furniture, come here on a slow day to enjoy a great club sandwiches, Chicken Quiches or pies for the superior continental lunch. Soak in the ambience and catch up on office gossip while sipping on hot coffee/tea. Read more here

The Permit Room

If you need you fix of a proper meal, but don't want to go overboard, The Permit Room is perfect for you. Skip the salads and starters if you're in a rush and opt for their pre-plated meals. Our favourite is the Meen Moilee with rice, or Avial In A Bowl. Those who don't have meetings post lunch, you have to try the Highway Pandi Curry with ham and peas upma. Want to keep it simple? Order Donne Biryani. Read more about it here.

Café Azzure

Café Azzure has proved itself time and time again when each of their locations has been a total hit, attracting people from far and wide to hang out at their chilled out venues. Having won Best Cafe in 2018, they really know what they’re doing. Their menu’s got everything from burgers and salads to coffees and iced teas. Spend less than 500 on a main and drink and Café Azzure!

Boteco Restaurante Brasileiro

This restaurant has one of the coolest interiors I’ve seen in Bangalore. Botecos are the hawker centres of Brazil, and Bangalore is loving a taste! The restaurant serves a wide variety of food, from yummy appetisers to mouth-watering desserts. One of their most popular dishes is a cheesy puff bun known as Pão de Queijo, which I know for a fact is delicious. The restaurant is a little bit pricey, but the reviews are excellent and people are loving the ambience and how well they nail Brazilian flavour!


Shakesbierre is an innovative themed brewpub that takes its inspiration from the one and only Bard of Avon. With over a hundred drinks on the menu, and even more delicious snacks, this pub has got something everyone loves. The decor is super elegant and the cocktails are just too pretty to drink! Shakesbierre is the perfect place for parties or large gatherings. 


Salvadores is a wine bar and restaurant that pays homage to the Victoria Hotel (that once stood in its place) and the rich time period that lived within it. It aims to keep the air of chivalry, elegance, and propriety alive within its walls. The menu consists of Mediterranean, Italian, French, and continental dishes, all prepared with utmost effort and precision. Their wine list, although expensive, is also in-depth and perfect for wine fanatics.

Record Room

The Record Room is one of the top locations in Bangalore that is elevating the restaurant game. One of the only vinyl bars in the city, you'd be crazy not to pay them a visit! With records covering the walls, sift through old classics and sip craft beer while rediscovering your childhood jams at their private listening station. People are going crazy over the vibrant flavour in their food too. Spend under INR 1,000 for a night of fun at the Record Room!


Tandoor has a high-end traditional vibe, with delectable North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. They’ve got so many mouth-watering options to choose from, and all of them are super affordable! Not to mention, their bar selection is quite appealing too. For a restaurant that’s been around over thirty years, it’s safe to say that they’ve built a pool of loyal customers that would swear by Tandoor. Customers have written about loving their live music in Zomato’s reviews. 


ASEAN is a sophisticated rooftop restaurant bringing you all the flavours of South Asia. Enjoy the chefs’ interpretation of Malaysian. Indonesian, Singaporean, Vietnamese, and Thai dishes from first-hand experience in travelling to these countries. The kitchen also creates special western dishes with an Asian twist, like their steak, which is covered in a black pepper sauce and sliced zucchini. 

Bengaluru Brasserie

This restaurant serves Asian-Indian fusion food and is located at the Hyatt Centric. They often have really good deals, like unlimited food and drink for INR 2,500! Customers love the ambience, and the music is widely enjoyed too. The presentation of the food is très fancy, but don’t underestimate their takeaway tiffins, which are curated by the best of chefs.


Yauatcha is a Cantonese teahouse that originated in London and is proudly listed as a Michelin Star restaurant. Their menu consists of a wide range of delicious dim-sum, and super fancy soups, salads, seafood, and fried rice. Just reading the menu made me hungry, and Yauatcha seems to have hit it out of the park every time, according to their reviews. Dine here with friends or family for around INR 1,000 per person!

The 13th Floor

At the top of the Hotel Ivory Tower is a beautiful rooftop restaurant with a romantic ambience. With an expansive selection within the North Indian and Asian cuisines, dim lighting, and killer LIITs, the 13th Floor is a total vibe. Enjoy beautiful food presentation with a breathtaking view of the city and applaudable service all for under INR 1000!

Rim Naam

Located in the luxurious Oberoi Hotel, this pagoda shaped tastebud-heaven has a warm ambience and amazing Thai comfort food. The sound of flowing water and light music accompanying your meal makes for such a calming experience. Not to mention, their desserts are to die for. You absolutely cannot leave Rim Naam without trying their Mandarin dessert!