Top 10 Celebrities To Follow Online For An Entertaining Stalking Sesh

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So you thought 2020 was your year where you’d get your life together and learn a new skill, and just SLAY life, but life had other plans for you (and everyone else it would seem). What to do when you’re sitting at home with all that energy to do something but can’t seem to get that little push? Well, celebs all around the world are also now stuck at home, and doing what they do best -- entertaining! And teaching us some cool stuff while they’re at it. Here’s our favourite set of them.

Antoni Porowski

Known for his culinary expertise on Queer Eye (and puppy dog eyes), Antoni has brought his easy, practical, yet game-changing tips, tricks, and recipies online while everyone is stuck at home, called.. You guessed it - Quar Eye! All Instagram and IGTV videos, they’re less than 15 minutes long for the most part, and full of great hacks to make your cooking healthy, yummy, and comforting as they should be. 

Faye Dsouza

If watching the news on various platforms and channels is getting to you, then follow Faye for pertinent, crisp, easy to understand information. She also hosts quick catch ups and chats with other celebrities and you’re likely to get out of whatever session better informed. Apart from this, she also engages with her followers regularly and candidly. And if nothing else, there’s always the antics of her cute furbaby Phoebe (with her own Instagram account) you can follow. 

Noah Centineo

If you loved To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before, then you have to check out Noah Centineo’s Instagram account. For no other reason than he does a Live at 9:30am (Indian Time) just to talk to his fans and followers. His energy is a whole mood. Plus he talks about current affairs, and talks about keeping peace, being calm, and good vibes in general. 

Lily Singh

Follow the original Bawse Superwoman for pure comedy. On YouTube (and Facebook) catch her slice of life style videos featuring Paramjeet, Manjeet and various other characters (fair warning that there are some heavy Indian stereotypes, all self-aware though). She’s versatile, current, and if you’re desi, super relatable when it comes to the trials and tribulations of the South Asian family whether you live abroad or in India. 

Naveen Richard

A stand up comedian, Naveen Richard will have you entertained in whatever platform you tune into. On Instagram it’s the instant gratification kinda content -- clips of events, clips from his show, character caricatures, real life fails among other things. Or just follow him on YouTube (Them Boxer Shorts) to watch his comedy in action. They're all relatable. 

Yasmin Karachiwala

A physical trainer (some of you might know her as a celebrity coach), Yasmin's Instagram feed is all types of fitness goals. From tips about good nutrition, quick, targetted workouts, and just her (and her clients) working out at gorgeous locations, you could be inspired to get up and workout once you see it. And many celebrity cameos as well, if that’s your jam. 

The Vlogbrothers

If you’re a curious soul and want to use this time of social isolation effectively by learning new things, follow John and Hank Green (Yes, John Green as in the one who wrote The Fault In Our Stars). From philosophy, science, and even ‘shower thoughts’ like questions, in less than 20 minutes, they’ll give you a crash course on questions you didn’t even know you needed answering. 

Eva Chen

A beauty mogul of the 21st century if we’ve seen one, Eva Chen’s style is on point, and pretty much the reason we can shop on Instagram and why the influencer community is thriving right now. We’ll let you check out her feed to get some of the latest looks and insights into the fashion, and digital community. 

John Mayer

If you’re a fan of his music, then his Instagram is where you’ll become a fan of his personality. Apart from tiny glimpses of his art in work, you’ll be treated to plenty of tongue-in-cheek, self-aware content that will have you laughing out loud in real life. His stories have included makeup tutorials, dance moves, and memes. Describing himself to be a “social distance warrior”, you know he’ll get the last one right. 

Prajakta Koli

A YouTuber, you can enjoy many slice-of-life type sketches and video clips. Always current, and fresh, and easy to consume (as media!), her content is “mostly sane” much like her handle. A lot of the content is relatable, and possibly something we’ve imagined ourselves. She puts up videos three times a week, and content on Instagram as much as we do on average, so you’ll be entertained for a while to say the least. 


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