Marbled & Minimal: Be Known As Ms Shiny Ears With These Gorgeous Earrings!

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What Makes It Awesome

Your earrings do not have to be OTT to make a statement neither does it have to be perfect. Wait, what? We get the first bit but why not perfection? Because Vishishtta By Kanishtha's different ceramic and clay earrings will change your focus from flawless to fascinating. This does not mean damaged accessories, oh no! We're simply referring to uniqueness these handcrafted earrings have. No two pairs alike, sometimes even the individual pieces are slightly different.How? Human touch. These beauties are all handcrafted using clay or ceramic and hand-painted or glazed. 

Vishishtta's aesthetic is minimal and best suited for everyday wear but the use of colours and the sheen on the earrings could catch anyone's attention. The ombres and marbling effect give these ear jewels a very textured look. In terms of style, we love the glossy Marble Effect Two Tone Drop Earrings and the Textured Clay Studs. These give off a more elegant vibe but if you want to show off your fun-loving side get the Floral Top Marble Effect Earrings. They have a rose shaped stud with a circular marbled drop. For ring lovers, there is similar-style marbel effect rings availble too -- truly one-of-a-kind!

Aside from accessories, you will also spot Vishishtta's limited decor collection on Shop On LBB. These mostly include coasters -- Agate Patterned and Ocean Waves and Acrylic Wall Clocks with fluid artwork on them. Prices start at INR 325 upwards.


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