Cha Cha Your Way To A Healthy Gut With These Kombuchas

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What Makes It Awesome

Always on the lookout for health benefits? Us too! If your benefits classify as a happy tummy, pick up some Ch'a Kombucha that packs a punch of good health. This homegrown beverage brand is brewing us some delicious booch and we can't wait to make it a part of our brunch routines.

There are so many Kombucha brands out there, why pick Ch'a? Let us help. Touching upon the surface (quite literally), we love the hip packaging, choice of colours and the sturdy glass bottles plus the play on the word Cha (tea + kombucha) makes this brand only more appealing. What's on the inside is a sparkling probiotic tea, that is naturally fermented. 

Think of the taste as the best fizzy ice tea that is tart but with an underlying sweetness. These kombuchas are also a great pick me up while still being low on caffeine. This is a result of Ch'a choosing to brew their booch using an interesting method. They use black tea and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that is left to ferment for a longer period of time in small batches (individual glass jars). The result is a more mellow fresh flavored booch. 

Three flavour options await you. A Happy Hibiscus that aids as a liver cleanser, Peppy Pineapple rich in antioxidants and nutrients and the Organic Original. A bottle could cost you anywhere between INR 120 to INR 140. You can also buy a 15 Bottle Standard Subscription at INR 1650. Ch'a ships across the country and guarantees speedy delivery.

Pro Tip

Check out the new travel friendly sized bottles from Ch'a.


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