You're Not A True Kora Homie If You Haven't Been To This Budget "Resto-Pub" Yet

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Avon’s cheap booze and complementary starters will sort out all your worries without burning a hole in your already depleted bank balance.

Chow Down

Deep Fried Pepper Chicken, Baby Corn Chilly

Sip On

Beer and Indian Made Foreign Liquor {IMFL} at MRP… What more can you ask for.

Winning For

It’s always happy hours here — from morning to night, so relax, sip your favourite drink at MRP price, and munch on some greasy but yummy starters.

Lowdown On The Ambience

It’s dingy. It’s shady. But hey, the cheap booze and food make up for all that. Plus, we love the “atmosphere” of the place. Recently they underwent a renovation, so there’s lesser creaky chairs and tables. On a good day, the place is bright enough for you to see who’s sitting at the next table. Probably your workmate from another floor!

For Starters

Frequented by the office crowd staying in and around SG Palya and Chick Lane {aka Chikka Lakshmi Layout}, you’ll find Avon crowded on weekdays and weekends alike after 7 pm. While the menu boasts of everything from starters to the main course, we’d say stick to starters here. Try the Deep Fried Pepper Chicken and Baby Corn Chilly here. The pepper chicken is delicious and consistent, and it’s spiciness goes perfectly with bottles of Kingfisher Premium. The baby corn is crunchy and oily, and will get over in a jiffy because it is so moreish. Special shoutout to the peanut masala as well.

So We Are Thinking...

We love Avon because of its great deals on alcohol, but also the fact that it watches out for our pockets. Plus, there’s always the chance of watching in on a dramatic bar fight. Priceless!


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