Brunch With Your Gang At This Cute Little Cafe In Bangalore!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Visited The Elephant Bowl for Sunday lunch. The entrance of this cafe itself is so beautiful, the best place for taking pictures once you enter -- the graffiti on the walls, handle of the door, everything around is elephant themed as their name sounds. Even the quantity of the food is elephant size, that is a large portion.

Ordered cream of non-veg soup, California crumbs fried chicken, All American burger, Schezwan pizza, Chicken steak with mashed potatoes and Chocolate brownie ice cream.

The contents in the soup is a mixture of chicken and some veggies.. never thought soup would taste this way. So delish.
Their California crumbs fried chicken is the best, fried chicken dipped in the chilli cum tomato sauce, best combo ever.
The burger is really it's more like a 3 layer one, with a layer of egg and also with fried chicken.
The steak was my first time, it was very saucy and yummy. Not a fan of mashed potatoes though. Finally coming to ice cream, hot brownie with cold ice cream what an awesome combo to taste.

Overall the best place for lunch or dinner with your family and friends with an affordable price. Also, there are board games like snake and ladder, chess, ludo, Jenga, Uno and Rubix cube to have fun.

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