Check Out This Amazing Pasta Place In Jaymahal !

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What Makes It Awesome?

Was here for lunch, since was craving for some cheese. This place is known for its cheesy dressings and cheesy dips. Small place but worth every penny. You can sit in front of the place or drive through. They have a pretty elaborate menu. As the name suggests, their speciality is pasta. But you have to try the other stuff since they are absolutely delicious.

I tried the following items-
* Mac n cheese- macaroni and cheese and some delicious chickens served in hot white sauce. It was soft, creamy and delicious.
* Penne arrabbiata- macaroni chicken cheese and red sauce. It was amazing, especially the chicken pieces. It was like a fusion of Mediterranean and Italian dish.
* Club wrap and club sandwich- a perfect wrap and sandwich I would say. The wrap was amazing. Had multiple flavours of chicken and egg.
* Cheesy chicken- fried chicken, dipped in cheesy and baked. Perfect, tender, soft from inside and crispy from outside.
* Special Baked- baked french fries and dipped and submerged in cheese. One of my favourite.

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