Why Cheeni Kum On Old Airport Road Will Take Care Of All Your Snacking Needs

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Right next to Anand Sweets {same folks own it} on Old Airport Road, Cheeni Kum is where your quest to find regional snacks should end. Plus, they also do healthier takes on traditional snacks. Win!

Spice It Up

While Anand Sweets takes care of everybody’s sweet cravings, Cheeni Kum next door is all about the basic Indian need to constantly snack on delicious savoury stuff. Enter the store and you will be handed their really cute and eco-friendly jute bags to begin your shopping spree. Not convinced about what to pick? Little bowls of the store’s offerings are kept for you to try before you make a wise snacking decision.

There is so much choice in the store, that you might be gobsmacked. Regions covered included Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP, Bengal and South India. There’s fried, roasted and even baked goodies on offer. Ready to mix and eat Jhal Moodi, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri jostles for space with aam papad, flavoured chikkis {there are several kinds from simple peanut to malai ones}. Farsan or mixtures, spicy pani puri kits, bhakarwadi, kachoris line the shelves as do the those tradition Indian cookies such as the Nan Khatai. Muruku and Nipattu, and a huge selection of apalam {papad} complete South India’s contribution to this store.

Calorie Counters

Calorie watchers and diabetics, there is plenty for you too here. Don’t forget to check out the shelves near the counter for healthy bites. From zero-oil wheat puffs to sugar free juices and cookies, to roasted soya chips, there is enough choices available. Our favourite is the slightly pricey but wonderful Jamun chips, which are strips of  tangy, dried jamun fruit pulp without any added sugar at all.

You will also find homemade masalas and pickles, preserves and chutneys {by the region}, ready to make waffles {why?} and even mouth freshners here.


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